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Dr Donald C J Skea

Donald tutored our daughter in both Higher Chemistry and Maths for 3 months. He taught according to the curriculum and concentrated on areas that were highlighted as a concern by our daughter, encouraging her to prepare for each lesson. Our daughter was very impressed by his knowledge and comfortable with his teaching methods. Her understanding and knowledge of each subject increased greatly over this period, as did her confidence in her own abilities. In addition, Donald is punctual, pleasant and we would have every confidence in recommending him as a tutor.

DJ, Stirling, Higher Chemistry / Higher Maths, 2013

I have had roughly 12 lessons which have improved my understanding of physics to the extent that I feel very confident about passing my final exam. I feel Donald is very good at explaining things in depth so that I understand fully what I am being asked, and is overall a great tutor.

SD, Alloa, Higher Physics, 2013

Dr Skea's knowledge is second to none and he has the ability to spot and correct weaknesses while making me think for myself, consequently filling in gaps in my knowledge of the coursework. His assistance has given me the ability to approach exam questions with confidence, vastly improving my grades within a short space of time. I highly recommend Dr Skea's tuition as my estimated grade has improved from a C to an A in my time with him for Revised Higher Physics.

SH, Falkirk, Higher Physics, 2013

Donald is an excellent tutor who has a very pleasant and patient approach. He is highly qualified in his subjects and in addition has a thorough knowledge of the requirements of the advanced higher chemistry course, making his tutoring particularly helpful and relevant. He is able to identify and resolve areas of difficulty and pass on information in an interesting and memorable way. Sessions never feel hurried and he makes time to resolve issues before ending a session. He is reliable, punctual, and flexible. His enthusiasm for his subjects and for tutoring is obvious. Highly recommended!

DY, Bridge of Allan, Advanced Higher Chemistry, 2013

I looked for a chemistry tutor for my daughter when the Higher course became more rigorous at school. I found Donald Skea and he responded to my email quickly. He was knowledgable and professional and always on time. Each week Donald would meet with my daughter, he would answer all her questions and then point out the key concepts and break down the material step by step to help her understand how these concepts relate. My daughter has really benefitted from Donald's teaching and when I asked how her chemistry Higher had gone, she said she had felt well prepared. As well as building her confidence she is also more enthusiastic about chemistry now.

BG, Dollar, Higher Chemistry, 2014

After working with Donald, I felt much more confident about my maths skills for going into the exam. He helped me to understand questions I was having problems with and showed me different ways of how to tackle them. I found Donald very helpful in the lead up to my exam as he was supportive and made me feel more confident in my abilities, which used to be one of my main problems.

FG, Bannockburn, Higher Maths, 2014

You have now tutored K in maths, chemistry and physics for nearly a year. You have always been reliable, friendly, professional and helpful, and K has benefited greatly from your tuition. You always arrive at our house punctually, and give generously of your time. Your knowledge of the subjects is extensive and thorough; the result of many years professional service in the nuclear industry. K took to you immediately - in his words, because you are calm, quietly spoken and a good communicator. You listen, you tailor the work to K's level of understanding, and you help him to extend his knowledge of the subjects. I have no doubt that you have advanced K's knowledge of his subjects, and I feel most satisfied with your tuition. K and I are very happy that you have agreed to continue tutoring him throughout his Higher studies which commence this Autumn. Thank you for your continuing support.

KR, Stirling, N5 Physics / Maths / Chemistry, 2014

Both our boys used Donald for physics, maths and chemistry for a few weeks leading up to Highers and N5. Donald is very calm and patient and is able to explain how to analyse a question calmly without panicking and to work out what they have given you and what they could be asking on the exam paper. He also has the practical experience to be able to explain real life applications and why you need to know things in physics and chemistry that the teacher may not have explained. This made learning the subjects so much easier for our kids. I would highly recommend Donald to anyone considering using him to tutor their children in any of the three subjects. Thanks Donald for a job well done.

TP & SP, Stirling, N5 & Higher Physics / Maths / Chemistry, 2014

I would thoroughly recommend Donald as a tutor. He takes a very calm and patient approach. After sitting the Higher Chemistry prelim in January and achieving a D, Donald  was able to work with me once a week and bring my final grade up to an A!  Throughout Donald's tutoring I gained confidence and a better knowledge, especially regarding the calculations. Donald is a fantastic tutor and very professional.

MR, Dunblane, Higher Chemistry, 2014

My son failed his Intermediate 2 maths with a D in 2013. The teachers at school despaired that he would ever pass with a good grade but hoped retaking it in 2014 would mean he would get a C. Donald gave him an hour's tuition most weeks for 6 months and he has come out with a resounding A. Donald is patient, approachable and knowledgeable and gets on brilliantly well with teenagers. We can't thank him enough.

KB, Bridge of Allan, Intermediate 2 Maths, 2014

Donald was able to provide our son with valuable advice and support with maths, and this made a positive and immediate impact on his work in the classroom. This enabled him to approach class tests and exams with increased confidence, and led to a successful result in his Higher Maths exam.

KP, Stirling, Higher Maths, 2015

Donald has really helped me with my chemistry, physics and maths for both National 5s and Highers this year. It has been great to have one tutor to cover three subjects, enabling me to choose on a week by week basis the subjects I need most support with. I'm planning to continue to have Donald as a tutor next year to help me with my Advanced Highers.

RD, Stirling, N5 & Higher Chemistry / Physics / Maths, 2017

Donald is a patient, considered and knowledgeable tutor. He provided excellent support and teaching in Higher chemistry and maths for my daughter. He provided detailed guidance for specific areas of difficulty that my daughter needed additional support for. I would have no hesitation in engaging his tutoring skills in the future and would recommend his services.

EJ, Bannockburn, N5 & Higher Chemistry / Maths, 2017

We found Donald to be punctual, reliable and equally knowledgeable across his range of subjects when providing tuition. He has a very calm and patient manner and quickly gained the respect of our teenager. Donald is likeable, generous with his time and we would highly recommend his services.

AJ, Dunblane, N5 Physics & Maths, 2017

Donald has tutored my daughter for both N5 maths and chemistry and then again for Higher maths and chemistry. Over the two years Donald's style of teaching and superb level of knowledge have proved the perfect combination. My daughter has also appreciated the flexibility to be able to focus on whichever subject there was a need for at the time. I would have no hesitation recommending Donald and, in fact, we will use him again as our son embarks on his N5 exams this year.

MS, Dunblane, N5 & Higher Maths / Chemistry, 2017

Donald has been excellent, helping me with Higher physics and maths for an hour a week. I struggled with physics the most but by the time the exams came I was feeling ready to tackle it. He took a calm and patient approach to my questions even although he had already explained it to me many times. He showed me how to undertake more than one solution to each problem. I would definitely recommend Donald as a tutor.

EM, Dunblane, Higher Physics & Maths, 2017

Donald was a calm and clear tutor who gave our daughter confidence and reassurance in the weeks leading up to her Higher exams. His input ensured that she moved up a grade from prelims to Higher exams resulting in straight A's. I would highly recommend him.

CD, Dunblane, Higher Physics / Maths / Chemistry, 2017

Donald's approach to tutoring is thorough and calm. He has provided comprehensive and clear tuition to my son in both physics and chemistry (National 5 level). Not only does Donald focus on course content, but also on exam technique. I feel both are equally important and this approach has greatly benefited my son. With Donald's help, he has achieved A passes in both subjects. I would not hesitate to recommend Donald for high quality, value for money tuition.

AD, Stirling, N5 Physics & Chemistry, 2018

Donald has been tutoring my daughter in maths. My daughter is finding this very helpful. She finds him easy to understand as he explains everything to a level she can interpret. Donald is reliable and punctual at all times. He gives us feedback after each session as to our daughter's progress.

TM, Dunblane, Higher Maths, 2019

Only had a few lessons, but H is already far more confident in physics and maths. He is very prompt, and patient and explains in a way that H can understand. I think she will benefit greatly from tuition with Donald.

HR, Bridge of Allan, N5 Physics & Maths, 2020

My daughter's knowledge and confidence has grown very quickly. Highest marks in the class after a chemistry exam last week. I highly recommend Donald.

LC, Bannockburn, N5 Chemistry, 2020

My daughter thinks she would be able to get an A for advanced higher physics after Donald started tutoring her. Hopefully she does if the exam goes as planned in May 2021. I definitely recommend him.

SW, Stirling, AH Physics, 2021

Donald`s advanced higher maths tutoring was excellent and made all the difference in keeping up with the course throughout the year. He is very reliable and I would highly recommend him.

CG, Bridge of Allan, AH Maths, 2023




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